Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage Life

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Today I got to attend an awesome event through by Houston Vintage!

There were vendors, pin up hair and makeup demos, swing, tango, and burlesque dance performances, and a great time to be had by all!

First off the shopping was awesome and full of inspiration!  These were some of the lovely things I saw.  

And aren't these boots crazy awesome?!?!  Oh my goodness I wish I had the money to bring these beauties home with me.  I mean come on, linen embroidered go go boots!!  I'm swooning here.

This is what I ended up getting!  A beautiful hair piece/brooch from Violet Peacock, that I wanted to wear in my hair for the Jane Austen confernece I am going to.  I also got this amazing scarf for the simple  reason that as soon as I saw it I thought QUILT!!!  It would make an incredible quilt!!

What was the best part though was the dancing!  All the dancers were so beautiful and talented!  Check out this couple doing a fantastic tango!

Someone even brought this awesome car.  Y'all may not know this about me but I love classic cars because my dad has restored these kinds of cars and trucks my whole life.  And did anyone notice the baby car seat in the back??  Talk about coolest Dad ever!

On a totally unrelated note I was checking out sewing patterns at Joann's and they have a whole book dedicated to Halloween costumes and came across this weirdness.  Instead of models wearing the costumes they are using the cheaper illustrations, only do you notice how anime in style these are??  It just seemed a bit odd to me.  I made me want to run home and watch Sailor Moon!

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  1. Awesome! I wish I would've known about this. I love those boots....who was the vendor? ( dare I ask)