Saturday, September 10, 2011

Helpin' A Girl Out

Last weekend a couple of us Houston Modern Quilt Guild girls got together to help a fellow member churn out a quilt top for an soon upcoming wedding gift.  Fi had a great idea for a quilt inspired by Ashley's recent creation.

The idea:

Which was followed by cutting by Amy (in blurred action!):

Sewing by me and Fi:

Modern quilt guild members helping each other out!

And ironing  by Liz:

(I caught Liz mid amusing story, which made me love this picture even more!)  Saf was also there but somehow missed out on picture time.)

By the end of a couple of hours sewing we made our way half way through the top!

And holy cow is this thing going to be huge!! Its made of 12x12 blocks and its 7 x 9 blocks!

I love it that the guild has helped us all find some kindred quilting spirits in this huge metropolis of ours! 

Last weekend I also got a HUGE amount of personal quilting/sewing done but more on that later when I can get some pictures taken. This weekend I plan on doing the same - getting some sewing done, relaxing (as I have to travel for over a week for work next week), and watching all the 9/11 memorials on tv on Sunday. 


  1. what a gorgeous quilt! the newly-wed couple is so lucky! ;-) Well done!

  2. I like the layout,the combination of fabrics is fantastic!!