Thursday, June 30, 2011

No consideration at all!


Flickr is addictive.
Swaps are addictive.
Sewing is addictive.

Work though sadly, is a major portion of my life. And has currently taken it over with no consideration for how much I am neglecting my Bernina, my fabric, and addiction to quilting. No consideration at all!

So while I am going to staying in my bee's - you can't take those from me work! you can't! *shakes fist in anger* - I am going to finish my current swaps and then swear them off for the rest of the year. I came to this decision after realizing I have not sewn a single thing for myself or a 'in real life' person at all this year! That's just not normal for me!

Besides I have a HUGE sewing to do list that I REALLY want to get cranking on!

Now if only I could start sewing tonight - but alas it is not to be. *insert sad face here* but come this weekend it is just me, my sewing machine, and my fabric!  I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!

What better way to celebrate my 28th than have a giveaway for all my wonderful internet buddies! 

Whats up for grabs you ask??

Birthday Giveaway!

A 'It's a Hoot' by Momo jelly roll and a copy of Modern Log Cabin Quilting!

And it all goes to one super duper lucky reader!

Here's the low down on how to enter...

1. Leave a comment - it can be anything from an breezy hello but I would also love to hear about your best birthday memory - whether its a gift, party, or the most spectacular cake crash ever!  (Y'alls stories about your LQS's from the last giveaway were hilarious!)

2. Leave an additional comment if you are a follower - new or old - doesn't matter!

The giveaway will be open for one week and I will announce the winner next Wednesday.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspiring Monday

Our inspiration this week comes courtesy of the amazing Graphic Nothing!

Check out some of his colorful, geometric, gorgeous graphics!

Pattern 4th May 2011

21st Aug 2010/06

21 Jan 2010

Amazing right?!?! Check out his blog and marvel at the patterns and then let your quilting mind run wild!

And be sure to come back tomorrow for a birthday giveaway!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the winner is...

...The Knotty Gnome!!
Congrats! You win! 

(Sorry about the late posting!  I could have sworn I hit post, but apparently not. Oops!)

I will be contacting you be email for your address.  Thanks for entering everyone!  And come back at the end of the month.  I will be doing another giveaway on my birthday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspiring Monday

This week I want to share with you one of the coolest quilts I have seen in a long time made by my awesome friend Beth!!

Skirting the Circle

Skirting the Circle by Smazoochie

I LOVE the colors, the graphic artistry, and most of all that it was made from her mother's skirt and holds a ton of wonderful memories. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fabric, Blocks, and A Giveaway! Oh My!

Hello lovlies!

So this past month has been one of insanity in my life.  One complete with life changes, annoyances, long working hours, trips out of town, meeting unbelievable people, and many other things.  So needless to say - I have been a bit busy.  Thus the small absence.

But now things thankfully seem to be back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting and I have time to sew (and buy fabric online) again!

First off - can you believe that I totally missed the release of Tula's Prince Charming in online shops?!  I couldn't!  Bad Tula Troop! Bad!  So I quickly rectified this by ordering a FQ set of the entire line.  Now I just need to get my hands on the lovely lovely voiles.

Tula Pink Prince Charming

Also I got my act together and finished my May bee blocks and even got started on a June set! First up is Elizabeth's blocks in my String Me Along bee. She asked for 15" square in a square blocks.  Love making these!

String Me Along - May 2011

Next up are some crazy blocks for do Good. Stitches May.  These blocks were hard for me even with the tutorial.  I tried so hard to just go with whatever scrap I pulled out next, but I don't think they have enough angles (too many squares) and the sizes of the scraps are a bit all over the place.  Oh well.  Hopefully they can be used and appreciated once the whole quilt is done!

do. Good Stitches May Blocks - Crazy Blocks

Finally, I worked on the June blocks for do. Good Stitches which were these awesome slanted diamond blocks!  These were so fun and easy to make, the tutorial was super simple, and I cannot wait to see the finished quilt!!

do Good Stitches June Blocks - Slanted Diamonds Blocks

Now onto what you all have been waiting for!


While I was totally absent from the internet this past month I surpassed 10,000 page views, plus the Bella Solids Parade was conducted and concluded!  For the parade I made another of my Cacophony of Color mini quilts with 31 different Bella Solids courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop, which means I have TONS of left overs!!

So the giveaway is for a HUGE STACK of Moda Bella Solids (scrap to over 1/4 pieces) as well as a ziplock bag full of small scraps!


To enter is easy!  Plus you have 3 chances!

1. Leave a comment - it can be anything from a simple howdy to a story about how quilting has caused you to be known in all your LQS to the point that the employees have a picture of you behind the counter so that they know when they see you they are about to have to earn their paychecks by cutting 42 pieces of fabric.

2. Leave an additional comment if you are a follower - new or old - doesn't matter!

3. Leave an additional comment if you participated in any way in the Bella Solids Parade!

Easy right?!  I will leave comments open for a week and will draw a winner next Sunday evening (6.12.11)!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lookie Lookie!

Look at this film I saw this week!

Here is what the filmmaker has to say about the film.

Stitched captures the enormity of the quilting world with more than 21 million quilters in the US alone. It’s an industry filled with quilting superstars who have developed a following by teaching their craft.

Stitched begins with the largest quilt show in the nation held annually in Houston. The documentary also features the Paducah quilt show, one of the largest tourist attractions in the state of Kentucky.
There are tight bonds of friendship between many quilters including among the three main characters who are friends and who have mentored each other. Caryl Bryer Fallert taught Hollis Chatelain who in turn taught Randall Cook.

Behind every stitch, there is a story of friendship, art and passion.

Check out the screenings for the film for a location near you or just go ahead and get the DVD
You won't regret it!