Monday, February 20, 2012

Time Consuming Much?

Hexies are awesome.   They are addictive, easy, and fun!  Plus you can make them anywhere!  At home, in front of the tv, or in the car while moving yourself across the country!


I have been working on these hexies made from Tula Pink's Parisville line for a while now, picking them up when I have time, and have made quite a bit of progress!

Parisville Hexagons

I do have a plan a design a vague idea of something or other in my head for a baby blanket made from these hexies. Until then I just love love taking them out and staring at the pile.

Parisville Hexagons

I made these hexies from two charm square packs and 2.5" inch hexagons.  The best part was that the charms were sometimes cut so perfectly as to look fussy cut!

Parisville Hexagons

Parisville Hexagons

Parisville Hexagons

Now I have been making hexagons for quite a bit now, and thanks to Fat Quarterly Issue 8 and its coupon inside for I decided to branch out and try a bunch of new sizes!  So hopefully soon you will be seeing triangles, squares, and diamonds in this gorgeous line too!

If you want some inspiration for paper piecing I highly suggest you check out this flickr group!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The New Kid

Yesterday I got to be one of the new kids at the Boston Modern Quild Guild's meeting.  Thankfully it was a great turnout and I was only like 1 of 5 new kids!  Gotta love company! Everyone was extremely sweet, kind, and welcoming, and I really enjoyed myself.  They did show and tell, talked about an upcoming retreat (which sadly I am too late to sign up for), and an upcoming quilt show they are participating in this fall!

After the meeting the amazing ladies behind Sew Fresh Fabrics invited us to their "store" to do a little bit of shopping!  Normally they are not open to the public, and only sell through their etsy shop, but they were awesome enough to the members of the BMQG to come over to their space, paw their bolts, drool on their fat quarters, and make a significant dent in their inventory!  And please note, I have NOT been asked to blog about the shop, I simply feel that when I receive excellent customer service I should share it.  So if you have never shopped with Sew Fresh Fabrics before I highly recommend them. 

Also, Amy from During Quiet Time took some great pictures of their space and stock! So be sure to check out her post

They have a fantastic selection of Japanese fabrics, including this gorgeous alphabet panel that I snatched up immediately.  

 Any idea what I am going to do with it?  Of course not - but how could I resist it?! The colors are bright, the texts sweet, and the pictures adorable. 

These are just a few of my favorite panels on this adorable piece!  And the great part is that 1 panel is 2 complete sets of these tiles!

They also have sooooo many modern lines - I was damn near drooling on the bolts.  So many of these lines I hadn't gotten to see in person yet, including Lotta Jansdotter's Echo line.  I have seen swatch pictures, quilts, handbags, skirts, and tons of other things made from these prints, but was never all that attracted to the line.

But seeing it there in front of me - all those bolts in these deep jewel tones with pops of pink and aqua was just too much for my poor wallet to resist.  Suddently I LOVED THIS LINE!

And then I found a fat quarter bundle pre-cut and just waiting for me to take it home, love it, pet it, and transform it into a cuddly, super warm, blanket!

Plus to make this even more irresistable Sew Fresh Fabrics makes Kona Cotton solid bundles to match the line!  This way I don't have to wait till I get home, pull out my color card, and try to match up solids myself!  The work is already done for me!

I got both the warm and cool colorways....of course.  They match the prints gorgeously!  Colors include Aqua, Sage, Ash, Candy Green, Glacier, Nightfall, Snow, Ochre, Curry, Amber, Sable, and Coffee.

Plus they label all their konas, which I LOVE.  Seriously, I have so many konas and 95% of them are not labeled despite my best efforts and I no longer have any idea what they are.  

Ahhh, so lovely!  I cannot wait to cut into these beauties!  Of course I need to finish the quilt currently attached to my machine....hmmm....details.

Also I can't do much new sewing before I leave on vacation this week!  When I get back get ready for several pictures from one of the happiest places on Earth!  

Until then my lovelies!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well I have been keeping up with this project pretty well which frankly suprises the hell out of me! 

Seriously I thought I would have quit this about 2 weeks in but it has been proving an excellent way to document my move and my crazy new life.  Although I wish I was better about always using hipstamatic and not just my regular camera. 

Anyways, without further ado,,,my life for the last month!

Why can't I make this the correct size?!?! ARGH!  I make it large its only this big, I make it extra lange and it takes up almost the whole screen! Super annoying.  
Oh well, such is life!

Enjoy this glimpse into my current insanity!