Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anthology Giveaway!

Another giveaway??  Really??


This time it's a copy of Issue 3 of the beauitful magaizne Anthology that I got at Anthropologie for one of your lucky readers.  

This magazine is full of beautiful photos that is total eye candy and cover to cover inspiration! 

To win:

1. Leave a comment.  Any comment.  Easy peasy right!
2. Leave a 2nd comment if you are a follow, new or old.

The giveaway will be open for 1 week and choose a winner on August 1st!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiring Monday

After completely forgetting last weeks Inspiring Monday post (sorry about that) I bring you this weeks which is more inspiration for a way to use our quilts than make a quilt!

This stems from the fact that I just picked up my new Electra Townie over the weekend and want to ride it in every park in the city to have a picnic!  But you will meet her in a different post!


To me this scene is why we make quilts - to use them!  Now I am not talking about art quilts that are made to be hung.  I am talking about everyday quilts that are meant to be thrown on the ground, have juice spilled on, wipe potatoe chip grease on, and roll over in the grass.  This is why I make quilts. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I want to learn to sew clothes.

Yes - I have said that before.

But what usually happens is I go buy 37 patterns, tons of fabric, attempt 1 pattern, get half way through before realizing I have sewn an arm on inside out and to the neck hole instead of the arm hole, get annoyed, squish the fabric "creation" into a ball, throw said ball across the room, and then go back to quilting.

No - this is not a one time occurance, but an ongoing pattern throughout my life time of sewing.

Still - I do really want to learn!  And there are 4 books coming out that I think might finally do it for me in that they look like they have awesome patters, good illustrations, and clear directions.


First up on my wish list is I Am Cute Dresses: 25 Simple Designs to Sew

From the publisher: 25 easy-to-make and wear dresses.  Start sewing simple and adorable dresses that you’ll love to wear. You don’t need complicated patterns to make these 25 easy, loose, and effortlessly stylish garments. Each of these dresses is designed from basic, simple shapes that require no difficult or advanced tailoring, and will be flattering on everyone.  You just need the basic template for each dress, and then you can adjust the width using an included formula, and length by simply raising or dropping the hemline. These easy-to-sew and easy-to-fit cute dresses will quickly become staples in your wardrobe.


From the publisher: A great plan, a great pattern, a great fit, a great fabric, and a great finish: These are the five fundamentals for perfecting any sewing project. Sarai Mitnick, an independent pattern designer setting the high water mark in the industry, shares her knowledge of these fundamentals and offers five beautiful projects to go with them.
  • Powerful instruction: A former expert in user experience in the tech industry, Sarai Mitnick's Colette Patterns line has gained a great deal of respect for comprehensive, clear instruction.
  • Comprehensive resource: The chapters cover sewing techniques, planning and fitting, working with patterns, working with fabrics, working with linings, finishing techniques… In essence, each chapter focuses on what the entirety of another book might cover.
  • Gorgeous package: Pitch-perfect combination of illustration, step-by-step photography and beautiful project shots, all with a clean, lovely design.

From the publisher: 25 fabulous, wearable garments from only 8 simple patterns.  Make a closetful of comfortable and easy go-to garments without needing tons of patterns. You need just the eight included basic templates which show you how to fold and cut for each of the 25 unique designs. The patterns are easy and adaptable with no-fuss sizing, so it’s simple to sew clothes that are perfect for you. If you’re a beginner sewer you’ll love the basic shapes and stylish results. Once you’ve mastered the patterns you can get creative and make each piece your own by using a variety of fabrics, or by adding fashionable embellishments like a print lining or contrast-stitching.  Fill your wardrobe in no time with these easy to make and wear garments.

Finally I want Liberty Book of Home Sewing which isn't so much about clothes sewing but COME ON!!
Besides when there is a Liberty book available no Amazon wishlist is complete without it.

From the publisher: Crafters and fashion lovers will be lining up to get their hands on the very first sewing book from internationally popular and uber-stylish textile brand Liberty. Brimming with lavish photographs of bold, graphic fabrics, The Liberty Book of Home Sewing offers 25 irresistible and easy-to-make projects that allow readers to incorporate a touch of Liberty elegance into their home. Simple enough for beginners, the projects range from feminine totes and aprons to handy pincushions and book covers, full-sized quilts, chic throws, plush cushions, and more. With color step-by-step illustrations, detailed instructions, and plenty of inspiration, plus an exquisite fabric cover, this enchantingly beautiful book will be treasured by longtime Liberty fans and young crafters alike.


If none of these books can teach me how to sew clothes or at least inspire me to get off my quilters butt and LEARN then I don't think anything will!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time is a slippery thing...

That is why I am totally late on some blocks, but am now ahead on others!

(Sorry for the bad photos, but it's night time and I was in a hurry so I could get these packaged up and ready to ship out!)

First up my crazy late blocks for the 3x6 bee! This was my first time doing real applique with fusible and everything!  I love them!  I want a whole quilt of bubbles now!

3x6 Bee - 2nd Quarter 2011

Next up my block for the String Me Along Bee. Nichole sent us some Kona Ash and Hope Valley and asked for flying geese! Another first for me as amazingly enough - I have never made geese flown!

String Me Along - June

And finally for Bee Neptune Paula asked us to use the Broken Dishes tutorial to properly showcase her gorgeous Neptune fabric!

Bee Neptune - July

Now I just have to make my July String me Along lock and my Do Good Stitches block and I will be good for the month! Thank goodness for finally having some sewing time!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Come on down....


You are the winners on the Price is Ri----

Uh.... I mean on my blog!!

June is the winner of the It's a Hoot jelly roll and Modern Log Cabin Quilting!

Plus I decided to do a secret 2nd giveaway!  A copy of Mollie Makes, Issue One.  It is a brand new crafting magazine from the UK that was a bit hard to find here in the US. 

And that went to Bree (love that we share nicknames!!)

Thanks for reading, entering, and sharing in my love of crafting, quilting, and fun!

And super thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes and hilarious and sweet birthday memories you all shared!

xoxo Bry

Monday, July 4, 2011

Inspiring Monday

For you Fourth of July inspiration!

Army Star Block

Lynne designed this block for a bee and I just adore it!  Tiling, amazing paper piecing, curves - I swear there are so many hard and beautiful techniques in this single block I am just amazed! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Virginia and Back.


This past month I went to Richmond, VA for work and loved every minute about it! 

I loved the city and everything was so inspiring and made me want to come home and QUILT!

Look at the color of that sky. So gorgeous and so blue at 30,000 feet.

Flying to Richmond

The city itself was also gorgeous. The Fan District where I stayed was home to the cutest houses! And one even had actual cathedral windows!

Then there was the AMAZING Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. This museum just recently completed a new expansion and both the building and its collections were gorgeous.

These were some of my most favorite pieces on exhibit. Especially this first one!

All in all it was a great trip and it totally gave me a bajillion crafting ideas.

There are tons of colors, patterns, shapes swirling around my head just waiting to get out! 

(Please excuse the quality of the photos as they were all taken with my phone.)