Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time is a slippery thing...

That is why I am totally late on some blocks, but am now ahead on others!

(Sorry for the bad photos, but it's night time and I was in a hurry so I could get these packaged up and ready to ship out!)

First up my crazy late blocks for the 3x6 bee! This was my first time doing real applique with fusible and everything!  I love them!  I want a whole quilt of bubbles now!

3x6 Bee - 2nd Quarter 2011

Next up my block for the String Me Along Bee. Nichole sent us some Kona Ash and Hope Valley and asked for flying geese! Another first for me as amazingly enough - I have never made geese flown!

String Me Along - June

And finally for Bee Neptune Paula asked us to use the Broken Dishes tutorial to properly showcase her gorgeous Neptune fabric!

Bee Neptune - July

Now I just have to make my July String me Along lock and my Do Good Stitches block and I will be good for the month! Thank goodness for finally having some sewing time!!!


  1. Those bubbles are so fun! Your geese look great, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do. I need to just make up my mind & DO something already! :)

  2. "Tiny bubbles!" Love 'em! And your bee blocks are gorgeous!

  3. All your blocks look great, I especially love all the bubbles!