Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years.

10 years.  It's hard to realize it has been this long.  I was just coming out of an 8am archaeology class at UT Austin when I saw a number of students clustered around a huge tv in the pharmacology's lounge area.  I stood there with a bunch of strangers I didn't know, crying, holding hands, and just trying to understand what was happening.  I don't remember any of those people I shared something incredibly profound with them that I will never forget.


I am happy to live in a place that allows me so many freedoms, and the ability to work in a good job and have the time to spend my free hours doing things I love like quilting and sewing.  Last weekend which was Labor day weekend I spent almost all my time sewing for various bees and myself.  I finished a tons of bee blocks and a quilt that I will show you later that I am going to donate to those who have lost everything in the Texas wildfires.

I got caught up on my String Me Along bee and finished Lee's July block and Vicky's August block.

String Me Along - July

String Me Along - August

I also got kind of caught up on my Bee Neptune and finished 1/2 of Yolanda's August bock (still working on the hand sewn hexie block) and Julie's September block.

Bee Neptune - August

Bee Neptune - September

Finally I got my August block done for do. good. stitches!

Do. Good. Stitches - August

I am so glad I got all of these blocks done and caught up a bit!  Keep your eyes peeled for a huge giveaway coming up real soon!

And remember to be thankful every day for what you have.