Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspiring Monday

I am super excited because I bought a new Kindle 3 on Saturday.  I did have a Sony ereader but I was never all that happy with it, and the new kindle seems like it will be much more my speed. So for like the last 2 days I have been scouring flickr looking at everyones beautifully made Kindle covers for inspiration so I can make one for mine! And just look at some of these little pretties!

1. Deb's Kindle cover, 2. Kindle Cover, 3. kindle cover, 4. pac man kindle cover closed, 5. Sakizome Kindle Cover, 6. Kindle Covers, 7. Kindle Covers, 8. Ghastly kindle cover, 9. Kindle Covers

Anyone have an tutorial suggestions???? Pretty pretty please!!


  1. One Shabby Chick has a great, easy tutorial for an iPad cover, but you can easily adapt it for the Kindle!

  2. I've made 3 different kindle covers so far and the Crafty Chica one is my favorite. I recommend using a carpet knife (big sturdy exacto knife) for cutting the book board. It is amazing how it all comes together!

  3. meh! now i may have to make a cover for mine. if i make a cover, maybe i'll actually carry it around and use it!