Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pretzel, pretzel, who wants a pretzel??

So a few weeks back was the Red River Shoot Out - for those who don't know this is the football game between the University of Texas at Austin and some other know those red University of Oklahoma.

So per tradition me and my best friends from college got together for the weekend to watch the game, hang out, catch up (and eventually console each other over the horrendous loss we suffered in that day

Everyone was bringing something, snacks, drinks, etc, and we were going to cook out for lunch and dinner.  Well here's the thing...


Cooking in my mind is akin to torture. 


But I do love to bake and have realized the hand kneading and punching dough is a fabulous stress reliever!  So I made mini pretzel bites using a recipe from the Curvy Carrot (my new favorite cooking/baking blog!)

I decided to double the recipe since so many people were going to be at the game watching party but then ended up with so much dough and didn't think I needed to make 150+ pretzel bites so I made me a cinnamon sugar full sized pretzel and it was awesome!!!

Of course the down side to baking....THE DISHES!! 

Again please excuse the photography - I didn't finish making this till almost 1 am, so it was dark and I couldn't find my camera and just used my iphone.

WARNING - these things are best eaten immediately. They did not last well until the next day which was totally sad. In hind sight, I think of course they ended up as rock hard little dough nuggets, the salt zapped all the moisture right out of them!!! But why didn't I think of that then?? *facepalm*

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