Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiring Monday

Wait, did I just go back in time and miss something?? 

Where are the rest of my best weekend ever posts with photos of the cutest vintage aqua, pink, and white house, and photos from my day antiquing in Round Top Texas when I got the most awesome vintage aprons and flour sack?? Or even where is my Inspiring Monday post from LAST MONDAY???

That's right folks - I am so totally failing at being a blogger right now. 

Plus I spent the last week out of town in both Richmond, VA (one of my now favorite cities) and Ft. Worth, TX (for my Jane Austen conference!!!) so yeah - I am a bit behind!

So in the effort of catching up a bit - here are some of the things I am totlaly finding inspiring right now! (Click the photos to go to their flickr page for all infomation.)


Fish Baby Log Cabin class sample

Quilt on a line - Ringo Pie Bee

The Ringleader

Ticker Tape Easter Bunny

Ok so now that I have tickled your eye balls with some pretties I hope everyone had as fantastic weekend as I did at my Jane Austen confernce, and is now going to go sew!!



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