Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspiring (House) Monday

A few weeks ago I went to a vintage sale here in the city that was held at the most inspiring place ever!  It was an event coordinators place (I can't remember the name but I will try to find it!) and was the epitome of romantic, soft, and vintage.  These are just a few shots of her place...  (sorry about the quality of the photos, they were taken on my iphone with 1 hand because my other hand was full of the goodies I bought which are below!)

Hanging empty frames?!  Totally brillaint.  Plus I am seeing this as a quilt with different sized boxes with neutral borders on maybe a pink and white background.

That felt pillow in the chair is welcome in my house any day! There is a similar pattern in the felt issue of Stitch magazine.

Random quilts stacked on the furniture???  YES PLZ.

Adorable garlands and sweet quilted pillows?  Oh definitely.

Bunting, pillows, and vintage dresses, OH MY!

This typewritter makes me swoon.  Like I am going to need the fainting couch in the next picture kind of swoon.  Plus the colors in the photo would make the most gorgeous quilt ever!

A pink and white chaise!!!  My life desperately needs this.

Plus I got these baby's from the same that day!

Heather Ross pj's for $25!!!! A 1942 edition of Etiquette by Emily Post for only $12! Plus a gorgeous print from a local artist named Rachel Szitas who is now near and dear to my heart with her love and enthusiasm for art. She is in the process of starting an Etsy store which I am definitely passing on to you guys once it is set up!

Hope this makes you want to try something new, maybe out of your comfort zone for all you bright, rainbow quilt makers out there!

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  1. I wonder if the host was a quilter, she seems to have quite a few quilted items...
    oh that typewriter is so wonderful I agree, it makes me feel weak in the knees :)