Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Color Frenzy

DSQ10 is proving to be an emotional experience!

I get one idea and I feel brilliant!

I start to work on the idea then feel completely unsure.

I change ideas and feel empowered!

I start to work on the idea then feel like an idiot.

Good idea...great idea...horrible idea...they will love this...they will hate this...they will be so disappointed...

Finally though I think I came up with an idea that I love and think my partner will love too.

DQS10 - Inital Sketch

This is my upteenth sketch but I do love it. It took forever to narrow down my color choices, but in the end there are 27 different Kona colors not including white and possibly 2 grey (although those might still be cut).

DQS10 - Finally got started!

This is what I have so far. The color squares are 2.25 inches square and the whole piece so far is 11 inches square. At this point I have about 10 different borders in mind, but I am trying to narrow them down by making a bit of it and auditioning it.  Any suggestions though would be appreciated!

Hopefully now my brain will settle down and stop yo-yo-ing like crazy over this swap!


  1. wonderful..going to be very pretty....borders; oh my could go with almost anything and it would look great

  2. I thinks this is just so so so great - I don't know about borders ... how about a little chromatic colour chippy thing?

  3. 27 colors?! Wow! That's going to look great (let's be honest, it already does!) when it's finished.

    Not sure about the borders though, sorry I'm no help!