Sunday, February 6, 2011

2 Tops Done?!

This weekend I go so much sewing done - it was so relaxing and so much fun.  I did a lot of sewing obligations for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild but more on that later.  This weekend I got 2 sewing tops done!

To be fair this top was already done - just needed some tweaking and squaring up.  I did also get it basted though! 

Rasberry Sorbet - Top

Pattern: Amy Butlers EQ program
Fabric: Kona Solids in White, Pomegranate, Bubble Gum, and Coral

I also finished my Innocent Crush lattice top. I loved this quilt so much when it was on the design wall but now I am not so sure. I am hoping the love will return though once I get it quilted.

Innocent Crush Lattice - Top

Pattern: Started as a charm square quilt, then turned on point, then decided to narrow sash it - so yeah no pattern just constant tweaking!
Fabrics: Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush, Kona Sky


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh stop showing off...LOL....they are both lovely; but my favorite is the lattice quilt is beautiful!!! You will love it when quilted; promise!!

  2. Oh wow, I love them both! I can't believe you aren't sure about the Innocent Crush quilt, I think it's just gorgeous! And I love your use of solids in the other one. Fabulous!

  3. You are a sewing nut this weekend. WoW! As always if you fall out of love with any of your creations they are welcome at my home. Especially that AMH quilt top. It's probably just that it's been such a hassle so far- you will be sweet on it again once it's quilted and bound.

  4. They're both lovely, though I particularly like the Innocent Crush one. Quilting will add a whole new dimension to it and you will be able to fall in love again.

  5. They both look great!!

    Have you ever tried Pellon's Quilter's Grid on Point? Makes quilts like the AMH one so quick and easy!

  6. Beautiful, both of them! I love the lattice quilt so much, I'll have it if you don't like it! ;0)

  7. Wow, the Innocent Crush quilt is amazing! How come you didn't like?! It's wonderful! I wanted to ask...I would like to make a lattice quilt for my next one, since I have some charm squares I would like to use. Did you sew strips on the sides of each square and then sew them all together with large strips the length of the quilt, or did you do something different (I'm just trying to figure out the best way to get the squares to all line up)? Thank you. :-)