Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All A Flutter!!

Because I am now a bebe in the latest round of Doll Quilt Swap!  So many people entered the lottery to be able to participate and I am so freaking excited that I was lucky enough to get in!  And check out the insanely cute button that Amy made for the group.

DQS10 logo contest entry

Is that not adorable!  That is Amy's Blyth doll named Smith holding a TINY foundation pieced Circle of Geese block that only measure 4 inches! So talented!  

For the swap you are given a partner, but they don't know who they got, you stalk their preferences relentlessly, and then create a mini quilt for them!  I am so excited to participate in this group despite being super intimidated by some of the other insanely talented participants that constantly inspire me!

So yes, my heart is all a flutter and I can't wait to get my partner and get to stalking!

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