Monday, December 6, 2010

Inspiring Monday

Monday's are hard. You are tired, don't want to start the week, and long for more free time. And since I do most of my crafting on the weekends Monday's can be especially annoying. Thus Inspiring Monday! I want to share some of the things I find inspiring, things that get my brain feeling creative, so that when the weekend rolls around again I am prepared!

For December I thought I would focus on some holiday items that people are creating. I love this time of year too. I love the cold weather, the lights, the decorations, and just the feeling in the air of people coming together and being happy. Crafting gives me that same happy feeling year round so now I feel doubly excited!

"be merry" Christmas mini quilt

Gift Tag Demo Event

Snowflakes Pillow

savVy {seasons} swap rec'd


Hope you feel inspired now! Go forth and sew!

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  1. I love your Christmas things on here....very interesting...Merry Christmas to you and yours....