Friday, December 3, 2010

Anthropologie + Lust

So there is this store...perhaps you have heard of it...Anthropologie...


I have a slight obsession with this store.  I lust after almost every object they sell!  They put handmade accent tags on many of their products, have the most beautiful arrangement and decor.  Especially their window dressings! I mean look at this toadstools with hand stitched accents.


Inside is no different! check out these charm square garlands! I so want to make these for myself! Could you imagine Kona Cotton charm square garlands! Switch them out with Christmas fabrics during the holiday or florals in the spring! So many ideas!

Then in the kitchen section was an ENTIRE WALL of hand embroidered PAPER PLATES! Crazy right?! So imaginative and insanely awesome!

Here is a close up of another section!

All in all I was very good. I got the gift for my Modern Swappers partner that took me to the land of temptation in the first place, and maybe a little something for myself (I tried to resist but I couldn't!) Although I did manage to walk away from these - although it was CRAZY HARD!

Cute right?? That's why it was so hard to pass up on them but I was good! If you have never checked out their site or their catalog I highly recommend it!  So much inspiration! 

And sorry for the crappy photos, but I took them all from my iphone.  The inspiration was just too much to pass up even though I didn't have a good camera with me!


  1. Oh wow, how cute!!! Should have made me tag along with you. haha

  2. Their styling are always gorgeous! I wonder if they have crafters locked in their backroom making garlands and embroidering plates?!