Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sew much progress!

This week has resulted in so much progress on my WIP's...and maybe the start of few new projects!
  1. I am making some major headway on my project for my Modern Swappers 2 partner! Quilting done now just for a lot of binding!  I also have some wonderful things coming in the mail for me and my partner too that I am crazy excited for! ;) 
  2. I got charms cut from my Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush fabric for a simple charm square quilt for a friend.
  3. I got my embroidery patterns transferred onto fabric for part of a friend's 30th birthday present.  
  4. Came up with an idea and have started sketching the pattern and picking fabrics for my Scrappy {Hoops} Swap partner!
  5. Got my little personalized gift for my Little Bit of Fabric/Little Bit of Chocolate Swap Partner done!  And now I everything pulled together!  Just gotta get it sent out this week! 
  6. Got 2 more of my blocks for the Tokyo Subway Map Quilt Along pulled together, just gotta get them sewed together now.
All in all, a huge amount for me!  Especially considering how crazy work has been lately.  I also went to the meeting for Houston Modern Quilt Guild yesterday and got a bunch of hexies made while there.  Also swapped out Round Rows so I have a new row to work on this month as well as chose my partner for the Secret Santa Ornament Swap we are going for the holidays. 

Yes I may have gone a bit overboard joining all these swaps, but I am loving participating.  It is proving to be challenge creating what I hope others will particularly like while also trying to techniques and ideas.

Here's hoping next week is just as productive!

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