Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fabric Love

*Raises Hand* Hello my name is Bryanna, and I am a fabric addict. *Insert sheepish smile here*

This week is barely over and I have already gotten a whole stack of fabric.

Stack of Love

What I was most excited to get this week has to be Heather Ross's Macaroni Love Story!! I only got 2 prints, but I love them both intensely! (Thank god my swap partner in Modern Swappers 2 mentioned loving this line! Otherwise I wouldn't have had an excuse to indulge!)

Macaroni Love Story!!

Also check out the selvages! Awesome, no??

Macaroni Love Story Selvages!

I will say that back when Spoonflower had their free fabric swatch day and I got mine I wasn't too impressed. The colors were kinda bland and the fabric scratchy. The Heather Ross fabrics aren't bland in color, and look exactly like I expected them too. They are still on the scratchy side though. I guess being spoiled by the quality of Kaufman, Moda, etc though might make me a bit harsh though.

Lets see I added to my addiction to Bliss with some fat quarters and yardage...


I also got some Meadow sweet, Owl Town, and Frolic.

I also discovered this line by Robert Kaufman called Mix Masters Dots and Dots. I only got 6 of the colors my LQS had but I want so many more! I think this will make excellent blenders, but I am also thinking a whole quilt of just these would be fantastic!


Of course I had to indulge my love of selvages and go ahead and cut them off. Check out this little owl on the Tina Given's fabric though! How adorable is that?!


Point is I am so cut off for a while from buying more fabric (excepting those yards of Kona Cotton I have coming in the mail for my Innocent Crush quilt...)  AHEM, as I was saying I am so cut off from buying more fabric for a while! LOL!


  1. should we have an intervention for you? LOL. lots of lovely things, though! i've been wretched this week, too!

  2. Sadly, I have more coming in the mail but I am hoping they will come next week so I won't feel so bad! LOL!

  3. Oh my I love looking at fabrics! The squirrel print with the treasure map it too cute, and I love dots!! That is a good mail week, if I can say so myself.