Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bella Parade 2012 - All Buttoned Up Tutorial

Hello lovelies!

So today is the day (I was dreading until I finished my own pouch and figured out this tutorial actually works!) that you all learn how to make this super cute All Buttoned Up Pouch!

I love this little thing and it is super easy to make with just a little bit of fabric, some hard interfacing, and some industrial snaps. Seriously, this is easily makeable in an hour. I did take tons of pictures though so that's why the post seems so long! So grab some supplies and lets get started!

Here is what you will need:
1. Template (8.5 x 11 template) (11 x 17 template)
2. Exterior fabric approx: 10" x 15"
3. 2 pieces of stiff interfacing each approx: 10" x 15"
4. Lining fabric approx: 10" x 15"
5. 2 sets of industrial strength snaps
6. Snap installation tool
7. Hammer

First you need to print out the pattern template. There are 2 available versions - one that prints on legal size paper and one that prints on regular sized printer paper, but remember you will need to print it 2x and tape the pieces together without overlapping them . Whichever works best for you.

You will need to cut 1 piece of your exterior fabric, 1 piece for your lining, and 2 pieces of stiff interfacing. You can use only 1 piece of interfacing so that the case is a bit more flexible, but do not use more than 2 or you snaps will not be able to make it through all the layers.

Next you need to layer the pieces so that you can sew them all together. First lay down the 2 layers of interfacing, the lining right side up, and the exterior piece right side down. I also suggest spray basting the layers together so that they don't ripple within the pouch once you piece it together.

I suggest starting at the end of one of the long sides and finishing at the top of the same long side. You will need quite a large opening to turn this piece with the super stiff interfacing.

You will need to do this slowly, especially when you get to the corners around the end flaps. If you are using a 1/4" foot the corners will easily get caught up in the foot.

Once sewn all the way around and before you turn it you are going to want to trim all the outside corners to reduce bulk.

Also you are going to want to snip the interior corners. It's hard to see in the photo but I made 3 tiny snips to allow for some flexibility.

Now you are ready to turn the fabric. You will definitely want a turning tool or awl on the corners to make them super square. Then topstitch about 1/8" away from the edge all the way around to sew down your opening and just to make it look a bit more finished.

Now we are ready to attach the snaps!

You will need 2 complete sets to finish the pouch. The outside of the snaps will go on the end flaps, and the bottoms of the snaps will go on the side of the pouch that you did not leave open to turn. That way you have a nicer finished edge on the outside.

Before placing the snaps, fold up the pouch to determine where best to place the snaps on the end flaps. Don't just make them center on the flap because you will lose some length of the flap once it is folded over due to the many layers of the pouch.

Once you figure out where you want to put the tops of the snaps follow the directions on how to install the snap and voila - one part of the snap is in! Repeat on the flap on the other end.

Now the easiest way to attach the bottoms of the snaps on the sides is to fold the pouch as if it were snapped shut and trace around the upper snap with a water soluble pencil so that you can be assured the 2 halves of the snap will line up.

Now this part is a bit trickier, because you have to place the prong side of the snap on the lining side and press through the prongs so that they end up at the center of your traced circle. This can be a bit frustrating as it could snag you fabric if you push it through and it isn't where you want it. So do it slowly and carefully. Once you have the prongs poking through where you want them too finish installing the snap per the directions.

And now you are done!!

Time to start using your pouch for anything like pens, pencils, maybe knitting needles or crochet hooks. Heck you could even make an extra long one to pack chopsticks in your lunch!

Imagine you could embroider your kiddo's initials on the back side or use up old quilt blocks you aren't going to use for a quilt anymore and make it into the pouches exterior. Or better yet, a solid exterior with a pieced interior for that extra little pop of interest!

Well that's it guys! Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and of course if you have any questions, comments, or notice any problems with the tut please don't hesitate to contact me at bomara [at] gmail [dot] com. Until then I hope you are all enjoying the parade and taking every opportunity to win all the amazing free fabric that is up for grabs!



  1. Totally adorable! Fantastic project - and I even know how to set snaps to make it!

  2. Sooo cool!!! I LOVE the snaps: )

  3. Very clever! It's a cute pouch, and the snaps are awesome!

  4. molto interessante,e molto facile un bacio lili

  5. Nice bag. I will be making these they will be good for alot of thing..