Sunday, June 10, 2012

An apology!

I don't know what happened with my Bella Parade posts, but they didn't post when they were scheduled too!!  My post from Monday did the same thing :(  Has anyone else been having this problem on blogger or am I just having a bad day??

I am so so sorry that my posts were delayed!  I just posted them both, and I hope you all enjoy this weeks colors and the button up pouch tutorial!

Prostrating myself before you all....


  1. :) I was wondering what happened! :)
    I have an idea of what may be happening. The new blogger interface requires you to hit the "publish" button every time you edit a scheduled post - if you instead hit "save" it'll revert to draft format and not publish on it's own. :) Wanna know how I figured that one out?... the same way! Now I'm off to see what you've made!

  2. i wait and then check and see if it published if it didn't after a bout one hour and hit list and check that post and hit publish

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