Friday, December 30, 2011

What a Crafty Year!

2011 has been a bit of a crazy year! Full of swaps, bees, quilts, and tons of craftiness.

I cannot explain how much flickr, blogs, and my online peeps have brought to my life.  It has provided me with inspiration, creativity, new skills, new friends, and more crafty loves!

2011 was full of quilts and swap items.

2011 was full of bee blocks.

In 2011 I even learned that needles are in fact sharp....oops.


2011 proved to be a year of creative growth thanks to all your crafty people and your impact on my life! And I can't wait for 2012! I am even breaking my normal rule about making goals or resolutions.

In 2012 I want to do so much!
  • Sew using my "special fabrics", i.e. my Tula Pink, my Heather Ross, my Anna Maria Horner - regardless of the fact that I can't get any more without paying an arm or a leg.
  • Just say no thank you!  As others have pointed out I completely overloaded myself this past year with swaps and bees.  I found myself stressed out trying to make deadlines (made worse by my CRAZY work schedule), stressing when I just couldn't make a block as well as I thought I should since it was techniques I hadn't done before (I''m looking at you starburst block!), and just stressed in general that people wouldn't like what I made them.  The worst part though was because I had committed myself to so many other things I never got to sew as much for my family.  I was supposed to make a quilt for one of my grandmothers, a tree skirt for my mom, and a bunch of other things.  So next year I really want to focus on sewing for my family. 
  • Make a quilt for myself! 
  • Attend Sewing Summit!  I didn't get to go last year because I was already going to my Jane Austen conference, and this year they are on different weekends so I AM GOING! 
  • Keep up with my blog a bit better!  Sometimes I go a little longer than I would like without blogging and sometimes I make things and give them away without remembering to take photos of them so I can blog about them! 
  • PAPER PIECING!!! I want to practice, practice, practice!!!
  • HAND PIECING!!! I love doing this but don't have a lot of time for it, but I want to make it a priority this year!
  • Make 1 honest to god wearable garment!  Just 1!  (I am trying to make these goals attainable! LOL!)
So hopefully I can actually work on these things, and 2012 will be even craftier that this year! I am pretty sure making a quilt for myself though will be accomplished quite soon since I am moving to such a cold place!

Happy new years everyone and may your 2012's be beautiful and creative!


  1. what an amazing year of making great stuff! best wishes for an excellent 2012!

  2. We had the same quilting injury this year--ouch! Lovely quilts came out of it though! Please join us if you'd like, for a year-end link party at