Sunday, January 1, 2012

Only half...

Here it is - the first moments of 2012 and I am sitting in my place staring around at all the boxes, bags, and piles I have packed. (And there is still so much more to do!)

And despite my slight embarrassment at the sheer amount of it I had to share this photo with you guys. A jumbo space saver with about 1/2 my fabric stash.

Yeah - this is only half...

Oh and I cannot lift it by myself. I am actually really tempted to weigh it! Plus if you have never used a space saver bag, they become hard as a ROCK after you have sucked all the air out. And this one is like a giant boulder.

Oh and to give you a sense of the size - that's my moms hand in the upper left corner and my gym bag on the right.


  1. Holy fabric mountain, Batman! I'm in awe of your (half) stash! Good luck moving it... maybe a forklift is in order? ;)

  2. I've been looking at my stuff & imagining making it fit into a car -- or even high-loading it for a move! I would frozen with indecision!
    Bye-bye, Bry's Fabric Rock!