Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspiring Monday

So I totally need another craft addiction like I need a hole in the head, or as my awesome crafty friend Beth said I am taking a crafting detour but will eventually find my way back to the quiling path! 

So for this detour I am totally exploring CROSS STITCH!  Because seriously how could you not want to make pieces like these...

Entomologie Set

Check out her shop with so many great patterns!

Or better yet these AMAZING pieces by Cauchy that are on her blog. WARNING...NSFW!! (But doesn't that make you want to click the link all the more?!?)  I mean seriously, I have never been so sad that I don't read my blog reader everyday so that I could have been one of the lucky few to get the patterns for those samplers!!


  1. Those are insects, girlfriend! INSECTS! I thought you were a weencey bit creeped-out by insects?!?

  2. I am a cross stitcher and I LOVE to cross stitch. Good luck trying to not give into the siren song.
    Those insects are adorable. I have more patterns than I can finish in my lifetime, but I am sure I will click on the links and find something I want.