Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiring Monday

First off -
A huge and heart felt thank you to all those who have sacrificed so much and fought for our country, our freedoms, and our way of life.  

If it weren't for the constant inspiration I have been getting from my everyday life and my moleskine that I keep all my ideas in I would be freaking out from a serious lack of sewing in my life and an overabundance of work.  But hopefully in the next week that should all be cleared up and I will be able to pull my machine back out.  First thing to work on - finish bee blocks and my Jane Austen inspired mini quilt for my private swap with Suzettra!

But until then I have to live my crafting life vicariously through others!

Scrappy Bowties Quilt

I LOVE this quilt! Especially the fact that all of the back grounds are different colors which Jolene says is only because she didn't have enough of any single color, but I say is due to serendipity! The subtle back ground colors, the brights in the bow ties and the fun floral binding are all just so incredibly sweet and innocent!

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